Friday, January 29, 2010

Mamma Mia!

Sometimes I think about how surreal moments in life can be. Example: the text I got this evening from my younger sister, Natalie, saying "I'm going to the hospital." Yes, I've known for the last seven months that she was going to be having a kid. But for some reason, it started to hit me: WHOA. My little sister is having a baby.

Keep in mind, this is the same girl who:

...we caught on video snitching the Thanksgiving pie before dinner when she was about 5 years old. And to cover up her transgression, she flitted about and did a little dance, pretending like everything was per usual.

...jumps at every opportunity to write the word "poo" or "poop" or some other synonym for fecal matter in any forum possible. My car windows really got it one night when it was cold and the defrost was taking awhile to warm up.

...put pink streaks in her hair when she saw that they did it on Gilmore Girls.

...took forever getting ready in the mornings in high school, causing me to yell "IT'S TIME TO LEAVE...NOW!!!" basically every morning.

...can talk her way out of any ticket a police officer may think about giving her.

And now? She's going to be a mom in a matter of hours. And I think she'll do a great job. Whenever she puts her mind to something, she rocks at it.

For instance:

...when she didn't make drumline in high school, she tried out for the colorguard and did that instead. And she was awesome. When the band marched in the Rose Bowl parade, she was the only one in the group who got a close-up on television.

...after working at Best Buy for awhile, she wanted to be on the Geek Squad. She listened and learned and made friends with those who could make this possible. (I think it's kind of awesome that this is ultimately how she found her husband!)

...she wanted to get her culinary arts certification, so she took the classes, (even made friends with the insufferable boys in the class!) and got that certificate. And now she teaches classes all over the place.

She's in labor right now. I do not envy the pain she will endure. I do not envy the nights of sleep she will be losing from this point henceforth. But I know she'll be a great mom.

Dirty dancing

Last night, I walked into Cafe Rio and got in the long line for my pork salad (my little stamp card got me a free meal!). I wasn't even in line before a small, middle-aged lady with graying hair pointed at my feet, looked at me and said, "I love your shoes!" I told her thanks and figured that would be it. She continued, "Where did you get them." My response: "Payless...can you believe that?" Again, I thought it was the end of discussion.

Her further question: "Do you think they'd stay on when you're dancing?" I was kind of taken aback..."Uh...I'm not sure? I mean, I walk around in them, and they're good. Maybe if you don't get too crazy when you dance..." Her final reply: "Oh, I get pretty's like diiirty dancing." I laughed at the awkward turn in the conversation, and mercifully, the line moved so we were no longer in such close proximity.

Thank you, Mysterious Stranger, for validating my taste in shoes and then turning around and making me somewhat squeamish at the thought of your 'dirty' dancing.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


On the way to work this morning, the train passed an accident on the other side of the tracks. An SUV had tried to turn left in front of the train and, unfortunately, lost. That thing was smashed. I felt physically ill just looking at the scene. People, when it comes to trains and cars, train beats car every time--it's like rock, paper, scissors...

I went to the Sundance Film Festival for the first time ever last night. I saw a film called It's a Wonderful Afterlife. A funny film, definitely (a review will probably go up on my other blog soon). The director warned us that it was "weird," but that if we just went with it, we would enjoy it. She was right. Afterward, we even got to 'meet' Sendhil Ramamurthy, the main squeeze in the film. (I tried taking a picture, but felt somewhat foolish...the one I got was zoomed in way too far, so it's distorted.)

My car has a burned out headlight. That Wallflowers song has been in my head off and on since this discovery. I can only imagine that I'm bringing glee to young children playing the 'Perdittle' game on the freeway.

I have officially been Facebook-less for three weeks. Woo!

And I've lost 5ish lb. for Biggest Loser. Booyah.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Questions, complaints, concerns...

I turned on White Collar today to enjoy my Matt Bomer fix. This episode included a Wall Street scam the FBI is trying to crack. So who's the guy they've chosen to play the handsome, young, corrupt, broker-type fella? Jonathan Tucker--a.k.a. Tommy Donnelly. Question: Shouldn't the fact that he's playing a two-faced, crooked, filthy rich investor make me feel disgusted and repulsed? Quite the opposite. Jonathan, it's inexplicable, but I kind of want you...

I was driving home from seeing my sister, Rachel, in Provo this afternoon. Utah freeways have always been somewhat the bane of my existence, but there are some things other drivers do that I just cannot grasp. Complaint: Even when I'm going 75 in the middle lane, passing cars in the right lane, completely empty lane to the left, cars zoom up right behind me, thisclose to my bumper, trying to edge me over. It really can't be that difficult for them to switch lanes and pass me in the passing lane...and yet it happens over and over. There really is no answer to drivers in this state. And the worst part: I bet sometimes I'm one of them.

Lots of things seem to be stressing me out lately. Concerns:
1) As it turns out, finding someone to live in one of the bedrooms in my Provo condo is proving quite difficult.
2) I'm horribly behind at work, and there's nothing I can do about it but keep plugging away at it, slowly but surely.
3) Natalie is due to have her baby any day. Prayers and fingers crossed that things go well.

Facebook update: I haven't logged onto Facebook in 18 days.
Biggest Loser update: Some of my extended family is doing its own version of Biggest Loser. The pot is upwards of $200. End date is June 30th. I plan to post a weekly (give or take a few days) update of my progress. As it is with all posting on my blog, this is mostly just so I have a forum to keep myself in check. And so (drumroll, please!) I have lost 2 lb. since inception--11 days ago.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

A few of my favorite things

Julie Andrews sang about them...and Oprah has entire show dedicated to them every year: favorite things! Here are some things I've come across lately (or rediscovered) that I love.

1) Scrabble cupcake (found here amongst a lot of other nerd-worthy cupcakes...)

How can you not love cupcakes with cute, miniature versions of things you already love on them? As is evidenced by my last birthday cake, I'm a Scrabble lover.

2) Express cardigan

I found this gem last Saturday during my quest for a simple black cardigan. WIN. And pretty cheap, too. Usually $49.50, now $19.50. And I had a 15% coupon to boot. Clothes are always better when you get them on sale.

3) Librivox

I'd heard about this from a co-worker a couple years ago, but in a recent conversation with a friend, this little gem came up. I'm currently listening to Jane Eyre on my way to and from work. I gotta say--this is a fantastic way to catch up on classics.

4) Jamba Juice

At my old job, we'd have "Jamba Juice Fridays," so I got to try tons of different flavors. My favorite is Strawberry Surf Rider with raspberries. If I'm feeling the need to be good (as far as caloric intake goes), I go for one of the all-fruit flavors, Mega Mango with raspberries. Fruuuit...mmmmm....

5) How I Met Your Mother - 100th Episode - Barney's "Suit Song"

This was aired on Monday night. Barney Stinson (played by the awesome actor, Neil Patrick Harris--Doogie Howser, in case you've been living under a rock), huge womanizer that he is, is trying to choose between a woman and his suits. His musical response made me clap with glee and rewind for a second helping.

6) Around-the-back earmuffs

I got a pair of these babies for Christmas from my sister, Sarah. I can now do the following: a) listen to my iPod; b) keep my hair kempt; c) arrive at work with unfrozen ears. If you ask me, that's kind of a fabulous combo.

7) 500 Days of Summer

I am the guy in this movie. I know that's a weird comparison, but I could feel his heart-wrenching pain as I watched every scene. The first time watching this movie is difficult and sickening. The second time made me want to buy a copy of the DVD. I can't explain this phenomenon--all I know is that if you haven't seen it, you should. Guys, this means you, too.

8) Conjunction Junction

...and Schoolhouse Rock in general. I had my music on shuffle, and this beaut came up...English language usage AND a catchy tune? Sold.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Popcorn chicken

Received today--random shirt woot:

Get it? I love it.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Stepping back

I guess you could call this my 'resolutions' post. Yes, I've fallen prey to being another lemming, jumping into the New Year's pond of making goals that I will probably forget after a month or so. But I've come up with a method--I'd like to call it 'failproof'...we'll see. I've decided to write down a list of things I'd like to accomplish this year; then, I'll portion some out to each month. The list is a slightly complex... There are fun things to do or explore. Other list items are less exciting but will be beneficial to my health and/or well-being. Each month will be a little step closer to becoming a better me or getting crap I've always wanted to DONE.

I've already started something pretty cool as part of this list (which I'll probably put up bit by bit as it evolves each month). Take a look at my new blog on the side...

Another thought I've had: this year, I'm stepping back. Back from old habits. Back from stupid drama. Back from being in the spotlight. Here are the things I plan to do to achieve this:

1) I'm taking a Facebook break. I know, I're thinking, "WHAT?! How will she live without checking the daily newsfeed and the gossip and the pictures and the posts?" I gotta do it. I thought to myself, "Self...could you live without Facebook for a month without going through withdrawals?" And I found myself getting anxietous (ha!) about the thought. Challenge? YES. Accepted. Here goes. I've turned off notifications and removed my bookmark to the site. Sorry if I don't respond to you. See you on February 6th, Facebook.

2) I would actually like to ask more questions about other people's lives. I've come to the bitter realization that I am slightly self-centered (uh, have you read my blog?). So I'm going to ask people questions about their lives and then listen. I'd also like to give compliments more freely. Look out, world! A more attentive Annie is on the rise.

3) And here's to a new resolve to keep pushing the envelope. Habits happen because we keep doing the same things over and over. So why am I surprised that I waste hours upon hours watching television and surfing the net? I've made these habits for myself. I'm trying to be less averse to changing, so I'm stepping outside my little box. From here on out I refuse to idly shop for things I will not ever buy (even though I stock my 'carts' on several websites time and again). I demand of myself that I will not turn on re-runs of sitcoms just to whittle the time away.

Several of my new goals are centered around learning new things or rediscovering the art of something I love. If nothing else, I'll be more in tune with a more peaceful, serene Annie.

Best of luck to you in your resolutions, too!