Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Stepping back

I guess you could call this my 'resolutions' post. Yes, I've fallen prey to being another lemming, jumping into the New Year's pond of making goals that I will probably forget after a month or so. But I've come up with a method--I'd like to call it 'failproof'...we'll see. I've decided to write down a list of things I'd like to accomplish this year; then, I'll portion some out to each month. The list is a slightly complex... There are fun things to do or explore. Other list items are less exciting but will be beneficial to my health and/or well-being. Each month will be a little step closer to becoming a better me or getting crap I've always wanted to DONE.

I've already started something pretty cool as part of this list (which I'll probably put up bit by bit as it evolves each month). Take a look at my new blog on the side...

Another thought I've had: this year, I'm stepping back. Back from old habits. Back from stupid drama. Back from being in the spotlight. Here are the things I plan to do to achieve this:

1) I'm taking a Facebook break. I know, I're thinking, "WHAT?! How will she live without checking the daily newsfeed and the gossip and the pictures and the posts?" I gotta do it. I thought to myself, "Self...could you live without Facebook for a month without going through withdrawals?" And I found myself getting anxietous (ha!) about the thought. Challenge? YES. Accepted. Here goes. I've turned off notifications and removed my bookmark to the site. Sorry if I don't respond to you. See you on February 6th, Facebook.

2) I would actually like to ask more questions about other people's lives. I've come to the bitter realization that I am slightly self-centered (uh, have you read my blog?). So I'm going to ask people questions about their lives and then listen. I'd also like to give compliments more freely. Look out, world! A more attentive Annie is on the rise.

3) And here's to a new resolve to keep pushing the envelope. Habits happen because we keep doing the same things over and over. So why am I surprised that I waste hours upon hours watching television and surfing the net? I've made these habits for myself. I'm trying to be less averse to changing, so I'm stepping outside my little box. From here on out I refuse to idly shop for things I will not ever buy (even though I stock my 'carts' on several websites time and again). I demand of myself that I will not turn on re-runs of sitcoms just to whittle the time away.

Several of my new goals are centered around learning new things or rediscovering the art of something I love. If nothing else, I'll be more in tune with a more peaceful, serene Annie.

Best of luck to you in your resolutions, too!


Blogger Adrianne Miller said...

Am I retarded? I see no blog on the side.

January 7, 2010 at 8:18 AM

Blogger Jessica said...

i will be completely honest: i do not like this facebook thing - that is all.

ps. i still love you, i just don't like that one thing that you are currently trying out. but i promise to not suddenly use facebook to spread secrets about about while you sit idly by with no idea...HA! i've got you rethinking this whole facebook thing, don't i? anyway, i support you, but i am not sure i fully understand. ok, NOW that is all.

January 7, 2010 at 4:17 PM


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