Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The haunting begins...

...and I'm not talking about the Halloween type. Well, kind of. I'm a walking zombie after not having slept well for the past two nights. How convenient that my half-stupor, shell of a personality should come on this haunted day...makes for an easy costume. I don't even have to paint the "deadness" into my face. Which brings up another good point: why is it that when you don't look good, people ask if you're tired? I mean, isn't that just another way to say, "Hey, you look like crap...just thought you should know." From now on, I want to say that instead...but we all know I probably never would to anyone's face.

Back to this lovely orange and black holiday. It seems like it came more quickly than usual this year, in all its pumpkin and candy corn glory. And tonight we celebrate like the heathens that make this holiday so special. Food and fun galore is to be had at the bacchanalian extravaganza! In other words: PAR-TAY! We're taking on quite the endeavor as we put our entire living room through a decor upheaval and create a dance floor and snack bar environment. I've been working on the particulars for a few days...hmmm...that's probably why I haven't been sleeping well! Or the fact that the cheesecakes didn't get done on the time schedule I had planned (and cheesecake is a very particular delicacy...has to be handled with care!), so I stayed up until 1am babysitting them this morning. For cheesecake, though, it was worth it. And this is pumpkin cheesecake--delicious. I've been searching my iPod for dancing tunes also, and I think I've put together a conglomeration to fit most tastes. And if not, it's my party and they'll cry if they want to...

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

New resolve

Two years ago, I began something monumental: the anniesnow2005 blog on MSN Spaces. I was diligent in my writing, posting, picture-ifying and otherwise keeping up-to-date with the splay of my thoughts and feelings across the Internet for others' enjoyment (?) or torture. Since then, I have slackened in my public bereavement/gratitude/overjoyous outbursting/intriguing thoughtfulness. Thanks to a few of my friends--and you know who you are--I have decided to take a timid step forward in making all privy to a portion of my thought processes again. Here's to what I hope will be a cathartic release of a series of emotions through the next several days/months/heck, maybe even years.