Tuesday, October 28, 2008

It's a long road...

(change "she's" to "he's"...and imagine a man stick figure instead of a woman...)

Not the best...definitely getting better.

Google Images Tag

I am one of the bored people to which Lacy was referring, so here goes the Google Image Tag! The deal: Google (image) each of the following items, pick your favorite photo from the first two pages of results, and ta da! A brilliant blog post...

1. First name

2. Last name

3. Bad habit

4. What I did last weekend (Lace, I have to agree that I wish this were really it!)

5. Grandmother's name

6. Past pet

7. First job

8. Dream job

9. Age

10. Where you grew up

11. Past love

12. Best friend's nickname

13. Favorite place to be
14. If I went back to school, I'd become...

15. I love to visit

16. Favorite color

17. Favorite food

18. Your hero

Looks like fun, doesn't it? How about everyone gives it a try!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Newly coiffed

I went and did it...chopped off all my hair. I was a little wary, but I'm all about some sort of change, so this was my stab at it. I'd been trying to grow it out, but it was at the point where it flipped whichever way it wanted at my shoulder, and it was driving me insane. I got sick of it, so I told the hair dresser to take it all off and make it look good. She took a long time, and fussed over thinning it and getting the layers looking good, but I think the end result is some pretty hot hair!

This picture doesn't even do it justice since you can't see the back and everything.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Work faster, Science!

Too bad this procedure isn't available for humans currently. That'd actually be kind of nice to get rid of some of my memories. Alas, by the time it actually happens for us people folk, though, it won't really matter. My current situation will be long over and buried in my brain. At least that's what I hope...

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Seeking: Blind dates

Seeking: Blind dates with single, non-commitaphobe men who are rational and mature.


- 25-30 (consideration may also be given to those ages 31 or 32)

- preferably a Bachelor's degree, no matter the type (will also accept applications from those in their final year of school with a promising career on the horizon)

- at *least* 5' 8" or taller

- see Eye Candy post

- active LDS preferred

Personality Traits
* funny
* spiritual
* intelligent/witty
* responsible/goal-oriented
* sensitive, without being a baby
* handy; can perform small household tasks
* tolerant/non-judgmental
* trustworthy

Nice-to-haves -
* good spelling/grammar/punctuation
* can hold a conversation about world news
* good eyesight
* good dancer
* likes to travel
* can cook and/or appreciate all different kinds of food
* technologically savvy
* good kisser
* musical (either plays an instrument or has a broad taste for music genres)

If you or someone you know fits these qualifications, please submit an application detailing why he would be a good candidate (pictures are welcome and encouraged). People who figure that 'he's single/she's single...why not?' need not apply. I will be accepting applications indefinitely.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Espresso for the soul...

I think I'm due for some self-praise/-introspection. And I'm going to do it. I honestly don't care how conceited I sound or strange I seem. This one's for me, baby. Heaven knows I need this shot of self-esteem for the ego.

Talents I have:
* I am a fairly awesome piano player. I don't do any improv or such things, but you set me down in front of a piece of music, and I can usually pick the thing out. (I really should play more...)
* I am a mean cook. Not as in, "get out of my kitchen or I'll club you with this rolling pin" type of mean, but I can put out some pretty impressive meals.
* I am a human calendar, in that I remember dates/occasions/other random tidbits, probably to a fault. I know I've mentioned it here before, but it's kind of freakish. Or a talent. I think the latter.
* I am a decent driver. I don't claim to be a good driver because I've been known to scare some people with my skills, but I try to keep my stunt double tricks on the road to a minimum.
* I am a pretty good writer. I'd like to think that my vocabulary is somewhat extensive and that I can keep a reader's attention. (Well, I like to think that...) Also, I try to use correct punctuation and sentence structure. I'm sure we can all appreciate that.
* I am somewhat hilarious. Sometimes I don't even try to be, but it just comes out. And sometimes it's annoying (to others), I'm not going to lie.
* I am responsible. You've all heard about my budget and OCD filing system. Well, I figure if I'm going to have the fun adults have, there's a price to pay (curse you, responsibility!!). Secretly, I kind of enjoy it, though.
* I am a planning maniac. Ask me about my college plans when I was a freshman. I basically had all the classes I wanted to take written down and divvied out to the different semesters I'd want to take them. Crazy, I know, but it goes to show that I'm a girl with a plan. Parties, trips, board meetings...all in my repertoire. In addition to planning like crazy, though, I try to be flexible when plans need to change.
* I am a bargain shopper (most of the time). I found a $40 sweater and a $25 shirt at American Eagle the other day, and after combining a few coupons/% off offers, I got them for $38 (including tax). And that wasn't even one of my better conquests!
* I am neat. Yes, I am cool/awesome, but that's not the 'neat' I'm talking about. I like to have things in their place, and if things get slobbish, I press pause on life to get into a state of cleanliness once more.

Things I love:
* Laughing so hard that I can barely breathe. I have a few friends who can get me into these fits of frenzy, and I love being with them because I know I'll feel more jubilant.
* Forgetting about my diet and eating as much ice cream as I want. Save the guilt for later. (I can't do this often, but it feels so good!)
* When you are changing radio stations and a good song comes on right as you change it so you don't miss a second!
* Watching Gilmore Girls with Rachel.
* Feeling warm and fuzzy after I've done something good for someone else.
* Looking at the weekly ads for stores when they come out on Sunday.
* Going to Wal-Mart at 7:00 on a Saturday morning when I'm basically the only one there.
* When my body actually lets me sleep past 6:30 on a weekend...
* Not driving in crazy traffic to or from work (yay for a strange schedule!).
* Hot chocolate and popcorn when I'm curled up with a blanket.
* Getting a new bra.
* Guys who smell good.

Well, I feel a little better.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Yep, happened again. I should have expected it, but coming in second place again kind of sucks. A LOT sucks, actually. Right now is a mixture of anger and sadness, heavy on the self-pity. Looks like my diet is on again...

Friday, October 17, 2008

WANTED: Pumpkin Snatcher

The the person(s) who took the pumpkin off our doorstep Monday night: you disgust me! You should really be ashamed of yourself. Rachel spent two hours carving that sucker, and that's not including the time she spent designing the dang thing!

Come on, if you really wanted to smash some pumpkins, our neighbors--ten feet away--had four large specimens, ripe for the taking.

If I ever find out who you are, there will be severe consequences. And seriously?! We didn't even get to enjoy it for an entire day. The one bright spot in a sad week for Rachel, and you just have to up and ruin it... That's just plain mean, you idiotic deviant(s). You will pay...

Happy freakin' Halloween.

A weekend wasn't long enough...

Last weekend, some friends of mine and I hit Seattle. The major purpose of said trip was to see a second round of Weezer (Weezer!!), but we crammed so much more in. It was a much-needed respite from the failing markets at work and stressful personal life I've been experiencing lately.

Highlights of the trip:
* The lady on the plane who directed us to the scrumptious doughnuts at Pike Place Market.
* Renting a car for the very first time in my life. It was a Nissan Versa, which I'm fairly sure is the car that Hiro rents when he comes to the US in the first season of Heroes.
* Buying a new coat at H&M (it's hot...seriously).
* The signs on the freeway that directed us to report carpool lane violators. The phone number was something like 764-HERO. Ok, seriously?! Lacy and I busted out laughing when we first saw it, and Kati looked at us like we were a little crazy (she hadn't been looking) until we explained.
* Our AWESOME seats at the concert. I thought our tickets to the SLC concert were pretty good...not compared to Seattle! And missing the majority of Angels and Airwaves was pretty nice, too.
* Being pretty much the only people to sing the opening to 'Dope Nose' when Rivers asked us to start 'er up. Come on, Seattle-ites!
* Finding a pretty, wood-carved bracelet.
* Eating in a revolving restaurant. I joked that we should have put a piece of tape on the non-moving wall when we first came in so we'd know when we'd made a full lap. 47 minutes that takes, apparently (kind of random, if you ask me).
* A sign that touted the word 'Emeralder.'
* The gorgeous array of flowers at the market. $5 for a bouquet?! And not just a couple roses...these were quite stunning for the price. I've been telling people I want to move there so my (non-existent) husband can buy me flowers once a week.
* Trying to find parking in Downtown Seattle. New city = new stress. We survived after a few U-turns.
* All of the interesting smells that happened every time we either got in the car or walked into our hotel room. Eh, it's all in the name of traveling.
* Filling the car up with gas and letting it stop of its own acord...only to have it be exactly 4 gallons and cost exactly $14.00.
* The pillows. Puffiest bits of madness I've ever tried to sleep upon.
* Chocolate pasta. Kati bought some!
* A lovely nap after having woken up at 4:15am to catch the flight. (Who planned this trip anyway?!)
* Eating whatever I wanted, which consisted of prime rib, cheesecake, clam chowder, a bunch of dark chocolate M&Ms...you get the idea.
* NO RAIN. I know, surprising for Seattle, right? And it snowed in Utah, so all the better.

All in all, it was a fantastic adventure! I can safely call myself a fan of Seattle.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Grammar 4090 professors can't even figure her out...

I ran across this article in my Internet dallyings this morning. Now, I've been in sentence diagramming classes before, and these examples they give are ridiculously insane.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

A tiny distraction

I am currently taking submissions for 'eye candy' candidates. That's right, pictures of hot men. They can be people you know or celebrities or strangers. Heck, Lace, if you get a chance to hit Cafe Trio, break out the camera phone and snap some secret shots. If you have a story as to why this person should qualify as 'eye candy,' submit that as well. You can either leave a comment on this blog post with a link to the picture or you can email me at anniesnowflake@gmail.com. I might even be persuaded to award the person who submits the best entry... Good luck!

And to get things off to a jump start here:

Jeffrey Donovan

John Krasinski

Milo Ventimiglia

Also, something disturbing for those of you who attended Davis High School...look familiar?

Yeah, I ran across his Facebook profile because he's friends with a bunch of people from my old ward...because yeah, I guess he's in my old ward now.

Lacy's Contributions:

Seth Gabel from Dirty Sexy Money (Lace, I loved this second picture of him, so he gets two.)

Glenn Fitzgerald, also of Dirty Sexy Money fame

Bree's Contributions:

Daniel Craig, latest 007

Tom Welling of Smallville

Erika's Contribution:

Johnny Depp

Lisa's Contributions:

Jason Dohring (remember him from Veronica Mars?)

Michael Vartan

Kati's Contributions:

Chase Crawford (yay for Gossip Girl!)

Patrick Dempsey, a.k.a. Dr. McDreamy (he can come lay on my bed like that!)

Matthew McConaughey

Cam Gigandet