Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A quick note to my blog stalker...

People. My blog is public. I don't write anything extremely exciting or incriminating on here, so I haven't found the need to secure this sucker up.

So who is it that's been searching for the word "perdittle" and finding my blog? Because you sure visit a lot...I have ways of knowing this.

I'm dedicating this post to you, Blog Stalker. Find a cooler way to get to my blog because you're kind of freakin' me out.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Killers

Wait, you thought this would be a post about going to a rock concert? Hmmm...really this diatribe will be about things that are killing me slowly. Or quickly.

Remember the seller from eBay that was kind of a beast about me returning the Volume 2 disc of 30 Rock? I wrote them back yesterday.

"I did not imply that I was misled; I merely realized that I misread the listing, and I would have liked to return the item. If you're unwilling to stand by your 7-day return policy, that doesn't seem right, and I'm more than happy to leave you a negative rating. Please keep my $9.99 and continue to dupe others into buying half a season of a television show while I keep my 3rd disc of 30 Rock Season 1 as a reminder of how rude eBay sellers can be. Oh, and about selling a box set that cheap? I found the season in its entirety on Amazon for only a few dollars more...I figured you were trying to be competitive on, well, I don't know, an auction website? Welcome to the Internet where there are deals at every turn."

Immediate response: "The return policy is not for those who misread. This is not my policy it is a policy designed to protect us both (sellers)by Ebay. If you should leave negative feedback because you changed your mind or made a mistake, I will report you to Ebay-they have potection for that as well. I am not trying to keep your money but a deal is a deal. You had every opportunity prior to purchasing to read the description in the title."

The funny thing is, here's what the return policy states (and this is directly copied and pasted from the seller in the listing):

* Item must be returned within 7 days after the buyer receives it; the buyer is responsible for return shipping costs. (Check. Well, I was within this scope of 7 days when I contacted the seller...)
* Refund will be given as Money Back. (Which is all I really sought...)
* Return policy details: The item must be retured in its original unsealed condition in order to receive a refund. Thank you. (I will not point out to the seller that the word "returned" is spelled incorrectly...however, I will mock it here.)

I give up. I would just like to be that voice in the back of your head when you are reading an eBay listing, thinking it's too good to be true. Read and re-read a little closer. Like the majority of the population doesn't know this...

I received an email from my HOA last night that my check had been returned because of insufficient funds. Can I please remind everyone that I'm basically the most regimented person on Earth when it comes to paying bills? I have it calculated down to the day when my paycheck gets deposited and when each payment goes out. And for the past three and a half years, I've been making that stupid payment and not having any problems.

I went and looked at my bank's website...no problems there, it seems. Yet I was tersely instructed to send certified funds with an extra $25 returned check fee (!) to the HOA. This is just after my house payment from the same bill pay system was rejected by the mortgage company. Ok bank...what is wrong?! I put money in; I'd like to get some dollars out to cover my bills and pretend that I'm an adult who can be responsible. UGH. Gotta call the bank this morning.

Ok, ok, I really did go to the Killers concert and had a fantastic time. They had some technical difficulties that put a little hold on the concert after the first song, but watching Brandon Flowers completely made up for it. Here are some pictures:

Sorry the pictures aren't the best quality--go cell phone cameras--but check out how close we were! I'm usually not a fan of general admission floor seats, but we met some cool people standing by us, and all in all, the audience was great. My ears were ringing the next morning, but the concert was amazing.

Friday, October 9, 2009

I may be an idiot.

Teach me to purchase things on eBay. Teach me to think I'm getting a good deal. Teach me to READ listings before I click "Buy It Now." Luckily, it's just $10. Luckily, I realize it was silly. Luckily, I don't have severe anger issues. BUT, I do have a forum to illustrate my case.

A few days ago, I was purchasing the first season of 30 Rock. I went to this great website that pulls prices from a bunch of other websites to help you find the best deal, http://www.booksprice.com/. Perfect. I found one for $9.99, including shipping. DEAL! I was pretty excited about the find, so I hustled through the transaction.

Figured out the end of this story yet? I received the DVD in the mail yesterday...only to open it and find that it was only volume 2 of the first season.

I would like to complain for a moment: who sells things that way?! After doing a search for volume 1 of the same season, I found that it was a lot more difficult to come by. Wouldn't you think that people buying volume 2 would also want volume 1? I'm just sayin'...

Fast forward to this morning when I emailed the seller. I discovered the seller has a 7-day return policy, so I sent this message:

"I thought this was the entire first season of 30 Rock; after looking more closely at the listing and receiving the item, I would like to return it. Please let me know what address you would like it shipped to. Thanks!"

So basically, I admitted I was stupid and didn't read the listing correctly. I get it. I should stop being in such a hurry about my online purchasing. Lesson learned. Moving on.

A few minutes later, I got this:

"I was very specific about the item and what you were purchasing. The details never mislead you to believe it was the entire box set-no one would sell an entire box set for that price."

Ha! No one would sell an entire box set for that price? Well, how come I found one for only $5 more at Amazon? I figured she was trying to beat their price with the 'deal' I was getting. I'm going to guess this means she won't take it back, even if I ship it. Come on, even Wal-Mart has a policy where if I get something and don't want it--for WHATEVER reason--I can return it and they give me back my dollars.

So how do I respond to this entirely snotty email? SHOULD I respond?

I've already ordered seasons 1 AND 2 from Amazon.com. And if I don't like them or decide on a random whim that I don't want them anymore, they'd take 'em back. She can keep my $10. I hope she can buy some more volume 2 copies of 30 Rock and find more suckers like me to buy them.