Friday, October 9, 2009

I may be an idiot.

Teach me to purchase things on eBay. Teach me to think I'm getting a good deal. Teach me to READ listings before I click "Buy It Now." Luckily, it's just $10. Luckily, I realize it was silly. Luckily, I don't have severe anger issues. BUT, I do have a forum to illustrate my case.

A few days ago, I was purchasing the first season of 30 Rock. I went to this great website that pulls prices from a bunch of other websites to help you find the best deal, Perfect. I found one for $9.99, including shipping. DEAL! I was pretty excited about the find, so I hustled through the transaction.

Figured out the end of this story yet? I received the DVD in the mail yesterday...only to open it and find that it was only volume 2 of the first season.

I would like to complain for a moment: who sells things that way?! After doing a search for volume 1 of the same season, I found that it was a lot more difficult to come by. Wouldn't you think that people buying volume 2 would also want volume 1? I'm just sayin'...

Fast forward to this morning when I emailed the seller. I discovered the seller has a 7-day return policy, so I sent this message:

"I thought this was the entire first season of 30 Rock; after looking more closely at the listing and receiving the item, I would like to return it. Please let me know what address you would like it shipped to. Thanks!"

So basically, I admitted I was stupid and didn't read the listing correctly. I get it. I should stop being in such a hurry about my online purchasing. Lesson learned. Moving on.

A few minutes later, I got this:

"I was very specific about the item and what you were purchasing. The details never mislead you to believe it was the entire box set-no one would sell an entire box set for that price."

Ha! No one would sell an entire box set for that price? Well, how come I found one for only $5 more at Amazon? I figured she was trying to beat their price with the 'deal' I was getting. I'm going to guess this means she won't take it back, even if I ship it. Come on, even Wal-Mart has a policy where if I get something and don't want it--for WHATEVER reason--I can return it and they give me back my dollars.

So how do I respond to this entirely snotty email? SHOULD I respond?

I've already ordered seasons 1 AND 2 from And if I don't like them or decide on a random whim that I don't want them anymore, they'd take 'em back. She can keep my $10. I hope she can buy some more volume 2 copies of 30 Rock and find more suckers like me to buy them.


Blogger Joyce said...

geez...that's one of the things I hate about eBay. They don't take things back even if it was an honest mistake on the part of the buyer because they don't want the negative rating. Although, they risk getting a negative rating if they accept returns.

I'd give her a negative rating just to stick it to her. But that's just me...

October 9, 2009 at 11:39 AM

Blogger Lindsay said...

On the plus side, it's 30 Rock! That show is fantastic!

Sorry about the jerky/misleading seller. Who does that???

October 9, 2009 at 9:31 PM


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