Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Alrighty, so I've never really been "tagged" on a blog before, but I can't back down from a challenge (Erika... :) ), so here goes! I'm supposed to list 6 facts about myself...

1) I hate peanut butter. This isn't a secret or anything, I just despise it. The smell of it kind of makes me sick! The strangest thing about my not liking peanut butter is that I like peanuts. And I like peanut butter candy, like when it's combined with chocolate. Reeses are probably some of my favorites! But give me a peanut butter sandwich, and unless there are no other options or I'm starving, I will probably give you a withering gaze of, "Puh-LEASE do not make me eat it!" Watch, someday when I'm pregnant, I won't be able to get enough of the stuff. Until then, please keep the lids on your jars, should you ever come to my place.

2) I learned how to ride a two-wheel bike when I was four. Looking at the four-year-olds I know now, that seems like quite the feat! I remember going into my mom and dad's bedroom one Saturday morning and begging my dad to take the training wheels off. He obliged (I can't remember how willingly...hmmm...), and I got on and haven't ever looked back. I guess I just wanted to be cool like the big kids who always rode their bikes in our cul-de-sac.

3) At 11 years old, I got to sing in General Conference during the only Conference that Howard W. Hunter was the prophet. I remember him coming in and waving to all of us children and how great it felt. I also remember practicing and practicing those songs...and the leader brought a tennis ball she had cut a slit in so it would open its "mouth" wide and sing. We were supposed to emulate that or something...

4) When I was in the 7th grade, I played on a Jr. Jazz basketball team. I think we won one game that whole season. And I didn't score any points, EVER. I sure did foul a lot, though. The "trading card" picture they took of me was classic. It's a nice shot of my 7th grade HUGE glasses and my awesome bangs in the oh-so-natural pose of holding a basketball.

5) I rock at the game Mad Gab. It's definitely not my favorite to play, but especially when I play with one of my siblings, we own it. I think it's from growing up with family members who mumbled a lot, so code breaking was a daily necessity. Also, I've found that if you slur the words together and try to say them in a Jamaican accent, usually you can get the phrase quick as a wink (or "quee cah saw ink").

6) I have never had stitches (with the exception of when I had a mole removed) or a broken bone in my life. For as clumsy as we Snows are, that's sayin' something! But trust me, I've had plenty of scrapes and bruises and other injuries to make up for it.

And so, I shall tag anyone else who wants to post 6 random facts about themselves! Good luck!

Monday, May 19, 2008


I am looking for recommendations for good books to read. They can be any sort of books...just so long as you've read them and enjoyed them. Why did you like them? Would it be something you could see me reading? I decided I should probably read more, and there are always so many choices...how's a girl to wade through them all?! Thanks for your help!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Like an elephant

People tell me I have a freakish memory for random things. And it's true, I do. Especially things like dates...I can tell you the date of my 6th grade crush's birthday (April 3) or the day I left for Europe when I was 17 (July 27) or the day I registered my Honda for the first time (September 30)...and many, many more. Strange, right? Not as strange as this lady. Or this guy.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Does a body good

Not many words can describe the kind of hot I feel when I put these suckers on. My friend Lacy took me to them on Saturday, and they came home with me. And they make me happy. :)

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Iron Man

Went and saw this movie with Ben and his sister Sara last night. I have to say, it's been hyped up a lot, and I was a bit wary of what sort of plot they'd throw in there, but I was pleasantly surprised. We talked about it afterwards and decided that Robert Downey Jr. carried this movie. If it had been any other actor, it probably wouldn't have been funny at all. He was just so sarcastic and cynical that it made for some great comedic fodder. And the special effects were great, too. I'd recommend it, but don't go in with super expectations, and I think you'll enjoy what you see.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A weekend of crazy

I seriously need a weekend to recover from this last weekend. Complaining would be seriously ungrateful at a time like this, so I will just recount what I did. And people are going to ask, "Um, how did you fit that all into one little weekend?" I'm still asking myself that question. Naps are my friend, and I took a big long one on Monday to try to recuperate.

Friday night was my cousin's wedding reception. Since when do my little cousins get married? Oh wait...they're not little anymore. It's strange to grow up and realize that life won't always be like it was years ago around Grandma's player piano or holing up in one of our parents' Suburbans and chatting about boys and relationships with the cousins. But I digress...the reception was great. It was in her other aunt's (from the side I'm not related to) backyard, and the evening was lovely. I met up with my sister and got to hold their baby. Then the little kids brought me one of all the treats (how kind!), but there were so many! The rice krispie treats were unbelievable, but I couldn't finish all the other things...that's what little brothers are made for, though. Mine ate whatever I didn't.

Then I went and hung out with some old friends...the ones I've been friends with FOREVER. We talked until late, ate pizza, and had some good laughs. I can always count on them for a wonderful time.

When I came home, Rachel was headed to bed, but we ended up talking until 1:00 anyway. Bad idea for the girl (me) who stayed up until 1:00 the night before and had to wake up early to do a million things the next morning. Oh well...she and I don't get to see each other much anymore, so it was nice to catch up on life.

Saturday morning was hectic. I finished my quilt block for quilt group (yep, I'm a nerd), designed a magnet for a Relief Society lesson, and took a shower, all before 7:30. I'm insane, I know. Then quilt group at 8:30 and straight to Dennis' MBA graduation from University of Phoenix at 10:00.

Graduation was actually good! Well, better than I had expected. I took turns shuffling children, mostly Michael and Isabelle. Also, I had Ben promise me he'd text me throughout it because I had helped him survive his younger sister's graduation the previous week by texting him. That seriously helped, so it seemed like it was over before I knew it. And it was so great to see Dennis and his achievements. I know the George family has been working long and hard for Dennis to get graduated. I think we all breathe a collective sigh of relief that he's made it through. Now he's on the job hunt!

After the ceremony, we all headed back to my parents' house where we had a barbecue to celebrate. I think everyone ate way too much because by the time Rachel and I had gotten back down to Provo and were ready for dinner for her birthday, she was still full from lunch.

But I'm getting ahead of myself...Rachel and Paulie and I headed back to Utah Valley. I had to frost the cake for Rachel's birthday party we were having at my house that night, and we had to clean up. We went right up 'til the last minute getting things ready, and surprisingly enough, I wasn't freaking out! The cake was awesome.
Rachel did the top and I did the sides.

Dinner was great. We went to Ottavio's and the accordion player came over and sang "All of Me" from Phantom of the Opera. So good! And the servers all came and sang Happy Birthday to Rachel. She was bright red!

Then we went back to my house and a bunch of other people from my ward came to wish Rachel a happy birthday. We had a lot of people show up! Everyone loves Rachel, though. :) We actually joke that we should write a show that mirrors "Everybody Loves Raymond," and that I can be the whiney older sibling who feels like they don't get enough attention. Nah, I think it's great that she's so loveable.

Onto Sunday! My little brother was getting ordained an Elder, so Rachel and I went with Paulie to her Sacrament Meeting and then headed up to see the ordination. It was weird not going to my ward, but it was for a good cause. Then we did Rachel's family birthday dinner, a huge Chinese food feast! We tried our hand at making cream cheese wontons like they have at Joy Luck Restaurant in Bountiful...and they were superb! I think our family was having burnout by then because it seemed extra dramatic that afternoon. We made it through, and we're none the worse for the wear.

Paulie and I made our way back to Provo fairly early. Ben came over to my house, and it was kind of nice to have some time where I wasn't surrounded by a dozen other people. I kind of like some quietish time every now and again! Don't get me wrong...I love my family and friends, but after a weekend like this, it was good to just savor the lull. We watched some Jeopardy (once again, I'm a nerd, I know! I TiVo "Jeopardy"!) and then went to ward prayer. I felt like I was so out of the loop from not having gone to my church that day, so it was nice to go.

After that, Ben's friend Dan called him and invited us over to play games. I didn't win either of the games we played, but it was fun nonetheless. We didn't leave until midnight, so I didn't get much sleep that night, either. So much for a rejuvenating weekend!