Thursday, May 7, 2009

Flames...on the side of my face...

Things I loathe:

1) When people use the word "chunk." I'm not even joking, kids. It makes me physically ill when people start throwing it around...especially when it's combined with words like "spew" or "steamy." My stomach is starting to turn just typing about it...

2) The stupid TRAX schedule this week. They're doing maintenance on the electrical systems, so we wait...and wait...It adds at least a half hour to my roundtrip commute, which is already dreadfully long. And it makes the connection from train to train a little crazy. I almost got on a train headed back exactly the direction from which I'd come. Luckily I made it off in time so I didn't waste another half hour figuring out where I was going.

3) Evicting a tenant. Seriously. The locks are changing tonight. Get your crap out of my house and pay your dang rent!!

4) That little blaring yellow light on my dashboard that indicates I need to check my engine. Everyone tells me that once you pay off your car, it falls apart. I had always crossed my fingers it wouldn't happen to me, but who am I to be the exception?

5) My inability to sit through anything showing on a screen for more than 20 minutes. We've deemed it "television-onset narcolepsy." I think my body just figures that sometimes it's more important to take a nap than to watch something interesting.

And on the flipside, things I'm loving:

1) I am going on vacation tomorrow night! New York, Boston, and DC, here I come! I haven't had a day off all year long (even with the job change), so this will be some good recuperation time.

2) Tuesday nights with cheap sushi and fun people.

3) The biometric screening tests I had done for work for a discount on my health insurance all came back in the normal range. And my BMI is no longer in the "overweight" category!

4) In the past few weeks, my concert-going friends and I have secured tickets to go see The Killers in September and then U2 in Vegas in October.

5) The shuffle function on my iPod. I was sick of choosing albums, so I shuffled them all. It's a fun surprise with every song that comes on!

Alright. Sometimes it feels good to just vent/release frustration and then realize all the cool things I've got going. That is all.