Sunday, January 24, 2010

Questions, complaints, concerns...

I turned on White Collar today to enjoy my Matt Bomer fix. This episode included a Wall Street scam the FBI is trying to crack. So who's the guy they've chosen to play the handsome, young, corrupt, broker-type fella? Jonathan Tucker--a.k.a. Tommy Donnelly. Question: Shouldn't the fact that he's playing a two-faced, crooked, filthy rich investor make me feel disgusted and repulsed? Quite the opposite. Jonathan, it's inexplicable, but I kind of want you...

I was driving home from seeing my sister, Rachel, in Provo this afternoon. Utah freeways have always been somewhat the bane of my existence, but there are some things other drivers do that I just cannot grasp. Complaint: Even when I'm going 75 in the middle lane, passing cars in the right lane, completely empty lane to the left, cars zoom up right behind me, thisclose to my bumper, trying to edge me over. It really can't be that difficult for them to switch lanes and pass me in the passing lane...and yet it happens over and over. There really is no answer to drivers in this state. And the worst part: I bet sometimes I'm one of them.

Lots of things seem to be stressing me out lately. Concerns:
1) As it turns out, finding someone to live in one of the bedrooms in my Provo condo is proving quite difficult.
2) I'm horribly behind at work, and there's nothing I can do about it but keep plugging away at it, slowly but surely.
3) Natalie is due to have her baby any day. Prayers and fingers crossed that things go well.

Facebook update: I haven't logged onto Facebook in 18 days.
Biggest Loser update: Some of my extended family is doing its own version of Biggest Loser. The pot is upwards of $200. End date is June 30th. I plan to post a weekly (give or take a few days) update of my progress. As it is with all posting on my blog, this is mostly just so I have a forum to keep myself in check. And so (drumroll, please!) I have lost 2 lb. since inception--11 days ago.


Blogger Tara Shirley said...

We're doing a Biggest Loser thing at my office. I've lost 6 pounds since it started 3 weeks ago. And then let's think about what I've eaten today... 4 maybe 5 pieces of pizza and a bowl of ice cream. Not great! Good luck with yours, I hope you do better than I am doing!

January 26, 2010 at 8:21 PM


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