Friday, October 22, 2010

Doozies, Desires, Delights...

Life has been a bit rumbly tumbly lately. But I get it--that's what it's all about. Getting through the rough bits, enjoying the sunshiney parts to their fullest. So I've been trying to soak it all up. Earlier this week, while I was on my walk home, I thought of three areas of my life I wanted to share with the blogosphere: the doozies I've been experiencing, the desires I hope and wish for, and the tiny delights that I find in every day.


1) I started a new facet of my job this week: a brand new panel consisting of entirely green reviewers. I did volunteer for this, and I think ultimately this will be for the good of all, but there are growing pains. I got to keep a couple of my trusty reviewers (thanks, Jack!), and the chair for my panel will do exceptionally. Lots of work goes into getting these people trained, but I'm hopeful. Speaking of my job--some of my co-workers have been going through their own doozies. My heart goes out to each of them in their troubles.

2) Ok, family--it's time to stop financing doctors' vacation homes. In the past few weeks, several of my siblings have discovered health problems, or have gone through surgery, or have generally fallen apart, healthwise. I like to call this year the Year of the Doctor. I would like to call 2011 the Year of NO Doctors. Let's work on that, ok? (The finger is pointed at me, too...I know.) In truth, though, my prayers and thoughts are filled with worry and concern for my family members as they get through their individual crises.

3) Now might be the time to finally throw in the towel on home ownership. Every time I think I've got three great tenants who will keep paying their rent each month, one of them leaves me. Last week I found out that one of the girls will be needing to move out next week...which leaves me on the hunt for someone to fill her spot in my condo in Provo. Any leads are appreciated.


1) I want to make it rich (or marry for money) so I have enough time and funding to really hit my hobbies hard. Fabric isn't cheap, people. And quilting takes a fair number of hours. So I'd really love to discover that my condo is on an oil well or find me a handsome sugar daddy who is willing to support my addiction. Also my addiction to clothes shopping and eating at nice restaurants.

2) Passing the GRE with flying colors would cause me great giddyness. Please let it be so. I guess studying would help aid my cause. Let's put studying for that sucker in the 'doozy' category. November 20th it'll all be over...OR

3) I would love for my brain to shut off for about a week; a week in Hawaii would be ideal. In a Hawaii where Alex O'Loughlin is a law enforcement officer. Mmmm...


1) Being able to fit into clothing that is sized in single digits. Since mid-April, I've lost over 20 lb. I only have 4 more lb. to my goal, which, when achieved, will result in a shopping spree to Park City. If you see me shoving my face full of chocolate (uh, Josi's birthday cake for breakfast? Just go with it...), I give you all permission to prod me to be better, but understand that chocolate is sometimes a necessity. I will try to reign in the bratty responses to any gentle gestures of reminder.

2) Walking home from work on a crisp, sunny, Autumn day. It's a good 40-minute walk, but it's all downhill, and it's a good release after a day full of work pressure. I feel more physically relaxed and less tense. And I have to take advantage of the beautiful weather while it's here because it's bound to change quickly.

3) Watching my oatmeal bubble in the microwave. This is stupid and silly, but I love it. It's incredible to see the boiling action start on one side, work its way around the outside of the bowl, and then all of the oatmeal and water join in. And it's different every time! Hey, I can enjoy this small thing, right? What's even better are the days when I don't have to be afraid of the janitor trampling all over my ritual with his inane speech about how I don't have kids. (I did find out today that the janitor may no longer be with our office...I'm not holding my breath.)

4) I went to the opera with Paulie on Wednesday, as part of her '30 New Things in 30 Days'. I had never been to a real opera before (does the Broadway version of Phantom of the Opera count?), so I wasn't quite sure what to expect. I loved it! The supertitles were easy to follow, the performers were fantastic, and it wasn't quite as long as I had thought it would be. The acts went quickly--the part that took the longest was the intermissions. It was fun to dress up and go out to a 'high brow' event.


Blogger Erika said...

Oatmeal!! Okay that made me laugh, you're funny Annie. Maybe on a down day I too should watch oatmeal. Or maybe eat it instead of Marshmallow Matey's.

I hope your family is okay!!! What kind of health issues??

October 24, 2010 at 9:58 PM


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