Wednesday, July 21, 2010

They come. They eat. They leave.

Jim: Question. What kind of bear is best?
Dwight: That's a ridiculous question.
Jim: False. Black bear.
Dwight: Well, that's debatable... There are basically two schools of thought--
Jim: Fact. Bears eat beets. Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica.

This week, I went camping with my family. By my calculations, I should still be there even. But the best laid plans...

I got up there yesterday afternoon to the normal dulcet sounds of dutch ovens clanking around and the tent needing to be set up. Outhouses, canoeing, fire...yep, I love it all, and I was set to enjoy it until Thursday afternoon.

This morning, however, the wildlife up Nebo Loop had a different idea. A bear, who was not afraid of campers, decided to come rear its head and charge some campers this morning. I guess it had been around the campsites for the past couple days, but when it started endangering people, the rangers decided to clear us all out and take care of it.

As we were cleaning up, my bro-in-law reminded me a of a good Jim Gaffigan skit having to do with bears (keep watching...the camping bit turns into a bears bit):

Luckily we made it out at the prescribed time of 1:00pm (by the skin of our chinny-chin chins!).

Too bad bears aren't this nice:

And here I was, thinking all along that all bears needed was some better toilet paper...