Thursday, May 20, 2010

Things I hate vs. Things I love: Edition...#89?

I know I do this a lot...but sometimes I just need to vent about things that are bees in my bonnet (and now I have "Birdhouse in Your Soul" going through my head!). Don't worry, I'll follow this list up with just as many things that are going well or are just plain fantastic.

10 Things I hate:

1) Bumping studies from my agenda at work...and subsequently getting 18 angry phone calls and emails complaining about it. "Why isn't my study going to the meeting?!" "What's the hold-up over there at the IRB?" I can think of one thing I'd like to hold up in your direction...I'll try to refrain.

2) When the girl at the hospital cafeteria doesn't know that 'a little spicy mustard' actually means just a little. Glob it on there, new girl. Don't mind me as I try to wipe it off before each bite I take.

3) Getting caught in the rain and having sopping wet pants by the time I finally make it home.

4) Road construction--in all of its blessed forms.

5) Locking my keys in the house while I go jogging. At 7:15am on a Saturday morning. And the landlord isn't there. (Remember, I live alone...ugh...) The only other person with a key is my sister in PROVO. Saturday morning gone to waste.

6) Having the alarms go off at every store in the Fashion Place Mall. No, I'm not a thief. Just taking some DVDs back to a friend, and they were in my purse. What I did find out is that personnel at these stores won't bat an eye if you walk in and walk out like nothing is the matter.

7) Finding renters.

8) Car accidents, even with really nice people who are extremely apologetic.

9) Trying to get around a new operating system at work. Why can't Microsoft stick with the same colors in their Office products?!

10) Stepping on the scale each week...and not having it budge. Or worse yet, having it go up a pound. Less chocolate...more jogging (see #5 above).

...and then I realize that *actual* horrible things happen to good people. Like medical conditions that don't have a diagnosis (you know something's up when your brother-in-law calls twice). Or refugees from Afghanistan (just finished A Thousand Splendid Suns--excellent book!).

10 Things I Love:

1) Seeing random photos of my newest nephew pop up on Facebook via my sister and bro-in-law. I could look at those pictures for hours.

2) Neil Patrick Harris guest-starring on Glee this week. (In case you're wondering, yes, I had a Doogie fettish as a young child...)

**Bonus: the I Dreamed A Dream song on this week's episode was also fantastic. (And kind of a tear-jerker for me!)

3) Finding blackberries on sale. And a bunch of other excellent fruit. I love summer for the produce you can find!

4) Getting an adorable text from my oldest nephew, an invitation to his elementary school's 'Spring Sing.' I couldn't go, but it was still so cute that he extended the invite.

5) Puzzles! We put together a tractor puzzle at work, and it made me want to do one on my own. I pulled one out of the recesses of my closet and blew the dust off...

...of this 1000 piece baby. It's insanely difficult. I see puzzle pieces when I lay down to go to sleep at night. But I will finish it. Someday. When I need my dining room table again.

6) Bouncing on my exercise ball. I could sit on that thing even after a bad day, and it puts a smile on my face to be bouncing there. Like I’m four again or something…

7) Receiving emails from my little brother. I know I gush about him all the time...but I think he's turning into quite the amazing guy. This week I got to help him do a little Facebook stalking to find out where some of his friends were going on their missions. I love being there, doing little computer favors that he needs while he's at the computer for half an hour each week.

8) Finally getting my temple recommend signed! It only took me four weeks to track down the Stake Presidency to get that sucker current again.

9) Buying new sunglasses. The old ones were getting kind of sad, what with their super-glued frames that went skeewompus every time I pulled them out of my purse. I don't know why it took me so long to plunk down my $5 for a new pair. Don't worry, I'll probably be buying another pair before the summer is gone.

10) Going to Moab this weekend! I’ve lived in Utah for how long? And I’ve never been. Pray that I don’t drown in the river or anything crazy like that. I’m excited for the good times that are bound to be had.


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