Sunday, February 14, 2010

How many roads must a man walk down...?

This weekend, I'm in Vegas. That's right, VEGAS, baby!! And it's gotten me thinking about how insane this city is. So, I wonder how many...

...gallons of alcohol are being consumed at any given second. Found in every shape and size and color and mixture, liquor makes the city go 'round. Ahhh, social lubricant, indeed.

...awesome restaurants there are to try. Basically, you just have to pick something by where you are when hunger hits. So far, I've been impressed. I mean, we're not frequenting the ritzy places, but Vegas knows its food.

...frat boys are out trying to pick up girls on the street. We had some guys who wanted us to "high five" them last night. No thanks, I'll keep my hands to myself, thank you.

...sequins are strutting down the street in the form of 'clothing.' Girls, being sparkly doesn't necessarily make you more attractive. Unless guys have the "ooooh, shiny!" complex, of course.

...lawyers are available for hire. Or for that matter, all of the bail bonds out there, waiting for the idiots to be thrown in jail...

...advertisements for strippers are littered on the sidewalk. You want to look at the sidewalk as you're walking because you really wouldn't like to step in some unidentified substance (yikes!), but your eyes will need to be sanitized with alcohol and fire in order for you to not feel so dirty.

...stairs/escalators there are for me to scale. I appreciate the safe street-crossings, but I could be halfway to the top of Mt. Everest by now at this pace.

...towels the hotel will bring to our room. I love having a myriad of towels at my disposal, and they're everywhere I turn.

...horrible dinner shows are being advertised out there, waiting for unsuspecting participants. Thunder From Down Under? Louie Anderson? Defending the Caveman? Yeah, these are just the ones at our hotel. (Although, the Tournament of Kings was freaking fantastic last night...)

...stores there are for me to peruse. H&M and Zara and Banana Republic, oh my! I've been a good girl so far, but when you find a pair of BR pants for 70% off and they fit well, you go for it.

...nightclubs they want me to get into for free. If this were the case, how would the clubs be making their money? Uh...I don't drink. I don't dance (well, can't should be the operative term here...). I don't flirt with strange men. Yeah, you don't want me in your club, but I appreciate the offer.


Blogger Lindsay said...

They have a Zara in Vegas? I guess if they have a fake Venice, fake Paris, and a fake statue of liberty, it does make a little sense.

February 14, 2010 at 6:33 PM


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