Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I came. I saw. I dated...Nate.

Let's do a little math. I know that's not par for the course for the English major in me, but hear me out. What do you get when you turn in one application, answer eight questions, get called the wrong name twice, and survive a week of over 150,000 votes? Give up? Answer is: one hilariously amazing date.

In case you missed it, I was voted on to DateNate.com. You got it, folks...yours truly took place in the online reality dating craze that's sweeping...um, the nation? Well, at least Salt Lake City and my family. With amazing support from fast-clicking friends and family (that's you!), my dream of Internet fame has finally come true. I guess I didn't realize I had this dream until about a week ago...and now it's all a blur. But a good one.

To sum up, I met up with the DateNate production crew a little before filming. I waited at our activity location while he introduced the evening to our viewing public. I have to admit, I was extremely nervous at first. I think I covered it well, but I was shaking with anxiety about the whole situation. After a few minutes, I was completely at ease because of Nate's easy-going personality and attitude about doing adventurous new things.

We got started doing the belly dancing, and I had a riot! Amanda at Cairo Classic Studio was a great teacher and put up with all of my smart alec remarks and uncoordinatedness. I heard the video feed was pretty choppy because of some wireless connectivity issues, but we did get some good archival footage (thanks, crew!) seen here. I also learned that these hips of mine don't lie. Wait, that can't be right...

Watch live video from datenate on Justin.tv
After our activity, we headed to Other Place Restaurant for dinner. We both got the Gyros, and while messy, they were so delicious. I also really liked the salad it came with...lots of feta and blue cheese dressing. Can't go wrong. And I downed a few Diet Cokes as well...I'm nothing if not predictable.

I could outline how fun and animated our conversation was, but how about you just watch?

Watch live video from datenate on Justin.tv
After we stopped filming, Nate and I ended up talking for a bit over some dessert. In case you thought he was just putting on a show for the people, he's basically the same person on and off camera. I only heard great things about him before I went on the show, and I will add my high opinion of him to the mix of what I heard from his friends and others who know him. We talked about family, church, the website...all sorts of things.

I had one of those mornings where I woke up and thought, "Did I really say that last night? Really??" Who can say that they have video archive footage to go back and review all of the hand gestures, facial expressions, stupid stories, weird reactions, and all? Pick me! I do! It was incredibly strange to watch something I had already lived from a third-party perspective, but kind of fun to see how it all turned out.

Thanks to everyone who made this night possible. I can't possibly list you all here, but much gratitude to those of you who persisted in voting, who provided moral support, and kept me going in general when I thought the whole process might drive me just a tad insane. Also, thanks to the whole production crew: Estee (production assistant), Rick (driver), and Chad (camera man). It was great to meet new people and have such a fun and refreshing experience.

Ultimately I had a fantastic time. Nate is a great guy who is charming and easy to talk to and get along with. He was so considerate of me and very complimentary of everything he knew about me. We had good conversation and an even better time. I wasn't lying when I said I would go out with him again, either. I'm happy with the fun we had. But he's got a whole lot of DateNate ahead of him... Best of luck to Nate's next few dates!


Blogger Erika said...

Yay!!! I thought you did great on camera, Annie!!!! Especially eating, wow that is talent. And I wanted to eat your food so bad. Anyway for something that could be super nervewracking you acted natural and perfect and your personality showed through, loved it.

October 11, 2011 at 9:57 PM

Blogger Jessica said...

I love this. (Lots of dramatic emphasis on each word there, if you please.) He seems like a great guy, and I'm so glad you had fun. I am also very impressed with your bravery for even applying. Way to go, Annie. :)

October 11, 2011 at 10:01 PM


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