Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Votes for women! ...er, Annie!

So...I'm on an online dating game show. How did this happen, you ask?

It began with the question posed last week at work: "Annie, in what age range would you be willing to date?" My response: "Probably anywhere from about 25 to 40." Co-worker Bob ninjafies to his office for a minute, returns, and says: "Ok, go to www.datenate.com." Long story short and before I know it, I've applied.

Fast forward a couple days to when the actual DateNate himself emails me, wondering if I'll be included in the voting. Sure! Why not? Lots more profile questions (knocked those suckers out of the park) and one photo later, and now I'm here for your voting pleasure.

Want to see one of my first dates webcasted live? Go here. Vote for me from every web browser you've got. Then get all your friends to join in the three clicks worth of fun! I promise to give shout outs to you all if (when??) I'm eating dinner with Nate next Monday night. :)


Blogger Annie said...

I totally voted for you. Your bio was the best. And you are super cute to boot.

October 5, 2011 at 11:24 PM


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