Friday, November 26, 2010

Shoes? Yes, please...

This morning, to celebrate the official beginning of the holiday (read: Christmas) season, I did the following:

* Set up my tree and nativity
* Cranked up the holiday tunes on my laptop
* Participated in Black Friday (from afar!) by going online and spending WAY too much time ogling beautiful clothes.

The ogling turned into buying--four pairs of shoes. Uh...BOGO half off and 20% off on top of that? Thank you, Famous Footwear. In my defense (I argue: should an independent woman making her own living ever have to justify her fashion purchases? No.), I have been searching for a few different types of shoes to replace some old favorites that have worn out. Found! Found. FOUND.

Speaking of shoes, and if you really want to lovely, witty, fantastic friend Heidi has a blog you should visit: This girl has a bajillion shoes and is always finding something awesome. Just go look at the pretty heels, mmkay? She's also having a giveaway contest for free boots! Be forewarned that you may end up getting an itch to buy more pairs of shoes than your closet can rightly contain. :)


Blogger heidikins said...

Thanks for mentioning my contest chica! I love that you spent Black Friday shoe-shopping! :)


November 27, 2010 at 11:40 AM


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