Friday, January 16, 2009

Keeping my head above water

I do not handle change well. It's not that I want everything to stay stagnant, but a steady progression is what I like, not a crazy roller coaster of madness swirling and speeding through my brain and life. Right now though, it seems like someone else has different ideas in mind for me. I've been tossed to and fro on the waves of life like a little fishing boat, and I'm seasick. Does this ride come with barf bags?!

Lately work has been crazy. With the 'economic downturn' (worst phrase EVER), I've been asked to shoulder a bigger load. Hey, I'm willing to pitch in and help out to the best of my knowledge...just don't expand my knowledge to include things I really shouldn't touch at all (i.e., accounting and taxes). Quickbooks has become a dirty word around here.

For the past six weeks, I've been furiously taking notes and learning how to pay bills and analyze the spreadsheets and be on good terms with the government. I've dealt with tax IDs, W-2s, and various other forms that I only wish I understood. I'll be lucky if the next time taxes roll around I remember how to do them or at least recall where I wrote down the scribbled instructions. Today I spent a good three hours just trying to breathe as I worked on figuring out the difference between the state monthly and the state quarterly taxes and then comparing those to the federal monthly and federal quarterly's still just a big pile of hot mush in my brain, though.

I'm grateful, though, that I have a job. So many people that I know are being downsized and struggling, and I will push through this upheaval so I can keep feeding my face and sleeping in a warm bed. Many people have it much worse than I do. Complaints over!

I'm sitting here right now, enjoying my chocolate pudding and trying to regroup, mulling over in my mind how I'm going to get it all done. There are some awesome positives, though. I get my old desk back--it's twice as big as my current one. Also, as everyone has lovingly pointed out to me, my skills set has expanded, and I'm making myself even more invaluable to my company (like that was even possible...). And last week they changed my daily schedule. I no longer have to drag myself here at the crack-of-not-even-dawn (6:30am); I'm now slated to be here at 7:30 in the morning. (Isn't it sad when you think of 6:30 as 'sleeping in'?) It does make for some later afternoons, but the trade-off is definitely a plus in my mind. I think once I dig in and get organized with my filing and daily schedule, work will be much more manageable.

As a funny, completely unrelated side note, a shout out to Rachel. Last night we were talking about new people we've met, and I was teasing her about how they probably like her. She blurts out in frustration, "Urgh!! If one more person likes me, I'm going to kill myself!" We were laughing a good while about that one...she just can't help that she's so lovable, though!


Blogger LindsayKeller said...

Amen! I know how you feel only instead, subsitute the job for grad school, moving, and finding new friends. Hang in there!

January 16, 2009 at 6:51 PM

Blogger Laceski said...

Annie, my dear, I think our work woes alone could fill and entire Saturday lunch, but for the sake of everyone's sanity, I think we'll keep lunch to the truly important things (read: all things salacious and tawdry). :)

Muuuch more fun that way.

January 16, 2009 at 7:58 PM


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