Friday, February 22, 2008

Earthquake! Sort of...

Northern Utah experienced the leftovers of an earthquake that occurred in Eastern Nevada yesterday morning. Coulda fooled me! The extent of my experience of it was this: I was walking down the hall at work to go use the restroom. I guess one of my co-workers saw me walk past as his chair sort of began to shake and the computer monitor was wobbling. He told me later that he was thinking, "Annie walking past couldn't have caused that much disruption!" (Thanks!) I didn't feel a thing. Does walking make me oblivious to such quaking? Apparently. Because I didn't find out about it until fifteen minutes later, back at my computer as the headline scrolled across my Google sidebar. And this was my thought...."Whaaaaa? Earthquake? Couldn't have been in Provo at all..." Yep.

Funnily enough, I recently had a conversation with a friend about earthquakes--just on Sunday. He had been to an emergency preparedness meeting and was a little freaked out by the possibility of something disastrous happening and how we are now expected to be adults, should such situations arise, and can't just rely anymore on getting taken care of by our parents. We agreed that Utah's biggest threat for a natural disaster was probably earthquakes, but that even so, we usually don't experience those. Looks like the joke's on us! Ha!


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