Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Found on the interwebs...

I've been dilly-dallying around a bit at work--don't worry, I have plenty of work to do. It's like that old saying goes, though: "Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow?" And by old saying, I mean Lacy came up with it in junior high.

I digress...long story short, I've found some pretty hilarious Internet gems out there while I've been casually...not...working. Don't JUDGE me.

First, a joke.

Maybe a little too true.....?

And just when you thought your parents were unintentionally funny at times, if not a bit off. I think my dad might actually take this one to heart.

Always good for a laugh: Cake Wrecks. One of these things actually is not like the took me a minute to find it, too.

Apparently the baker got dumped very shortly before this. Yiiiikes.

Alright, alright...I'll start working again.


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