Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Too much

I use too many ellipses in my general typing and whatnot. Go check out my Facebook statuses (stati?), and you'll see that out of the past dozen updates, a whopping NINE of them contain the beloved dot dot dot. I cherish that bit of punctuation because it so precisely indicates a beautiful pause or awkward silence.

Around my kitchen tonight, I think I dropped about fourteen different things. And I freezer burned my fingers. And somehow gouged my toe. Too clumsy I am. (Whoa, am I Yoda?)

There is absolutely too much snow in Utah (there she goes on her annual snow rant!). I've been inside since 3:00pm...and when I came inside, there was no white stuff. Not a flake on the ground. Right now I'm listening to a snowblower and looking at my balcony at a few inches of the stuff. Apparently they've been closing roads. I will stay inside and watch movie upon movie, thankyouverymuch. Please wake me when it's April.

For Christmas, I got a mess of M&Ms. I sat down today and ate them. All of them. It was like this big goal for me to get through the entire lot. Well, you may congratulate me because I am apparently an M&M eating master. Ask me how I feel tomorrow...

And this is what happens when you apply too much heat to the front of a computer tower:

...but my feet were warm. :)


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