Thursday, March 5, 2009

I like some weird things...apparently...

My good friend Kati did this on her blog because she saw it on someone else's blog...and I couldn't resist...mostly because I tried it, and there are some funny things.

Google "{your name} likes to" (with the quotation marks) and see what the first 10 hits say about you.

1. Annie likes to spend it.

2. Annie likes to go out on Sundays and study the old Londinium, the Roman London.

3. Annie likes to say that she falls into every subgroup and contradictory sub-sub-group of society.

4. Annie likes to study children's books, read fiction and art books, and graphic design magazines.

5. Annie likes to say, "you are your best investment!"

6. Annie likes to have the area on her back directly by her tail smacked lightly, but vigorously. (Um, eek?!)

7. Annie likes to do better than to go exploring.

8. Annie likes to say that she...brains fell out.

9. Annie likes to count things, to make collections, and to know how much money things cost.

10. Annie likes to collect gold-plated toy tractors, which were promotional tractors made in small batches starting in the 1970s.

So many things I did not know about myself...


Blogger Laceski said...

Yowza! Number 6 is a little disturbing... and kinky... ;)

March 5, 2009 at 1:42 PM


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