Monday, February 2, 2009

Are we talking punctuation disability?

Last night at family dinner, my sister pulled out a note that was left by some friendly (yes, that's sarcastic) stranger. Some of my family members were angry at the audacity of the person who left said note, but most of us just laughed. I immediately knew I had to send it in to

A little background, if you sister has two children with medical problems requiring constant monitoring. They haul two monitors per child wherever they go to make sure the kids are breathing and palpitating. Know one of the perks of having children with mysterious medical conditions such as these? Disability license plates.

And so my sister and brother-in-law found themselves at a store, parked in a disability stall, and were on their merry way. I guess the person who wrote the below note didn't check to make sure that these kids really were disabled, and the license plate doesn't lie.

SO...MANY...THINGS...I...WANT...TO...MOCK! First off, the triple underline. Wow. Way to get a point across. Next, the lack of correct punctuation. All sorts of sentences just crammed onto this little slip of paper he/she obviously ripped off something else, and the only one that actually uses a punctuation mark at the end is incorrect. "DO YOU FEEL GOOD ABOUT THIS." I feel good about your use of a period where a question mark (lovingly referred to as a "what mark" by my six-year-old nephew...haha!) should go. Yeah... And the use of quotations! You know, it's like teaching your kid to "choose the right" except obviously she wanted to teach her kids how to "choose the wrong." Oh, come on!

I can just imagine some crotchety old man writing this note--as he's watching my bro-in-law trying to haul their 10-month-old daughter plus monitors into the store--muttering under his breath, "Oh, kids these days!! Those whippersnappers are so disrespectful! When I was young, we respected our elders..."

As it turns out, when they got back in their car and found this note, my sister and her husband busted up laughing and brushed it off. Then my sister looked up and saw a man parked in the disability stall directly across from theirs, glaring at them. Oh my...

When my six-year-old nephew read what the note said, he said to his mom, "You don't teach me wrong! I do have a disability!"


Blogger Adrianne Miller said...

hahahahahahaha. What a jerk alert. Maybe he has a disability and can't see well enough to check the plates. That is funny.
I refuse to park in the expectant mother stall and Babies R Us because I feel guilty. Good thing too cause what if this person caught me! I don't have a Baby on Baord window thing so I would be in big trouble!

February 2, 2009 at 1:30 PM

Blogger HelloKitty said...

ANNIE I WAS GONNA HONK!!!! haha and the note i was leaving him was very, VERY...unclassy.

looking forward to saturday!!!

February 4, 2009 at 3:51 PM

Blogger Jessica Roberts said...

Wow, that is awesome. And your nephew's remark--too precious!!

February 7, 2009 at 1:15 PM


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