Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Getting a point across

One of my new favorite websites is http://www.passiveagressivenotes.com/. (Thanks for the referral, Kati!) While some of the language might be questionable--don't say I didn't warn you--some of the notes people submit are so bold that they first make your jaw drop and then the laughing begins. Some of them are things I wish I could write and leave for people (with my passive agressive nature and all...), but I don't have the guts. My favorites include the ones from apartment/condo dwellers who tell their adjoining neighbors that their noise is just too much. If my upstairs neighbors could understand English, I'd be all over that.

There are all sorts of hilarious notes on this site, but this particular note made me giggle so much that I had to share it here on my blog:

Who says these things?! I guess it was found in a common room of a dorm at a university in Indiana. And yeah, I guess I can understand if the students started getting sick of hearing people try to plunk out the things they learned at their piano lessons when they were seven years old (and let's face it, these would-be Mozarts were probably much better at that age than they are now...).

My question for you now is, who's the ultimate judge of the piano skills in this dorm? And how is this note enforced? I can imagine someone tickling the ol' ivories only to be interrupted by one of his fellow compatriots who slowly closes the lid on the keyboard with a shake of the head and a look that says, "Move on...your 'music' isn't welcome here."


Blogger LindsayKeller said...

This one was a particular favorite. It sounds quite snobbish.

November 26, 2008 at 8:47 AM


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