Monday, November 3, 2008

Weekend highlights

So, nothing really huge happened this weekend, but some funny tidbits were are some highlights:

* We helped Paulie move back in with my parents on Saturday. While we were at her house, we noticed parts of costumes had been discarded randomly, some on the living room couch. My dad and I were sitting there, when he picked up a coconut bra and asked Paulie if that's what one of her roommate's costumes was. A minute or two later, one of her roommates walked in and my dad said, "Hey, is this yours?" She got shifty-eyed and said, "Umm...nooo!" kind of jokingly, to which my dad replied, "Busted!" Then he got kind of quiet and said, "Wait...bad choice of words there..."

* Rachel and I watched 'Hocus Pocus' on Saturday evening, which got over around 7:00. I proceeded to climb in my bed to take a nap...and woke up around 1:00am. I got up, took out my contacts, and went back to sleep...until 8:00am. Don't forget, there was Daylight Savings in there, too...long story short: I got about 14 hours of sleep on Saturday night. It was fabulous.

* We had family dinner for Fast Sunday last night...that's always fun and a little crazy. As it turns out, my 7-month-old niece has started growling. It's kind of cute and funny, especially when she eats.

* I realized (too late) that the milk we had purchased last Thursday (10/30) had expired on 10/25 and was no longer fit for consumption. And yet, I ate a bowl of cereal with it AND drank some with dinner on Saturday. In case you're wondering, yes it tasted funny. Way to sell bad product, Wal-Mart.

* Finally got to meet my e-friend, Ann. Ok, that sounds weirder than it actually is...Lacy, one of my oldest (as in, longest running) friends, has known Ann for several years and has worked with her. I've heard about Ann for a few years, and Ann has, in turn, heard about me. We became Facebook and blog friends through Lacy, and then finally met on Friday at an awesome dinner. My favorite phrase of that night: "It's a cornucopia!" in response to seeing the taco salad that was as big as your head.

* At church yesterday, Rachel started playing the intro to the opening hymn when we realized there was no music director. I jumped up with my hymn book and filled in. Our bishopric thanked me about three thousand times for just getting up there. My question we really need someone up there waving their hand if everyone follows the organist anyway? Hmmm...that's always been something I've wondered.

* I made chili yesterday for the dinner our ward has after Fast Sunday meetings. Since I was fasting, I couldn't taste it to see if it was any good, and I wasn't staying for the dinner...I hope it wasn't too bad. My apologies if it was...

* I started reading 'Blink' by Malcolm Gladwell. I'm almost 100 pages through, and it's pretty fascinating stuff! It talks about how your subconscious makes decisions without you even realizing it and how you're influenced by things you wouldn't think. I'll try to blog more about it when I'm done, but so far, fantastic book.

And that's about weekend boiled down to a few anecdotes.


Blogger Aaron and Devony said...

Excellent synopsis. I think yours was way more interesting than mine would have been! Plus I just like reading about your life. Miss you!

November 3, 2008 at 10:44 PM

Blogger Ann said...

Yay to finally meeting my e-friend Annie!

November 5, 2008 at 10:34 PM


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