Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Reasons to feel crappy today -

1) I wasn't the healthiest eater yesterday...and my body is kind of revolting. Come on, I even got you the non-calorie laden Jamba! Oh who am I kidding? I've got to start eating more vegetables or something. This is what I get for trying to jog on the treadmill at its steepest last night...

2) The stock market is plummeting. Seriously. It's like Black Tuesday all over again, practically. Ok, that's probably stretching it, but after Monday's big drop, today's is additionally bad. I don't know much about the market, but I'm thinking down probably isn't the best for my current occupation. Bright side: I could start a 401(k) today and would probably make good returns on it in the near future.

3) The gynecologist awaits me this afternoon. Women, you feel this pain, so I won't go into specifics now or later.

4) It's freaking Wednesday. How about a Friday here? A little help?!

5) I'm frustrated at my impatience with life. Today especially, heaven knows why.

Reasons to feel glad today -

1) There is chocolate pudding in the fridge here at work. That could probably make anyone's day, really. And don't worry, it's sugar-free, so a tad healthier than other alternatives.

2) A new episode of House on my TiVo. I'm finally caught up with all the DVDs and onto what's actually happening on real television!

3) It's not Monday. For that I am grateful. In fact, I've officially hit my halfway through the work week.

4) I look kind of hot today, I'm not going to lie. You know somedays when you just want to feel like the bomb, so you put on some extra-cute clothes and really strut your stuff? I decided I needed that extra boost, so I'm giving it my best shot. Plus, after having slept in for the first two mornings of the week and looking like death warmed over at work, it was kind of nice to do something with my hair and not feel like a schlub.

5) Weezer just came on my random mix of music I listen to. That's always going to ease some of the pain. :)


Blogger HelloKitty said...

ANNIE! hi.
I love this post and how I can relate to 99% of it. Just a small correction, though: you never want to feel like you are "the bomb". You actually want to feel like you are DA bomb. I have been trying and trying to bring back that expression, but people just look at me funny. While making an espresso shot yesterday for a lady, she asked me if the coffee at Whole Foods was good. I replied by saying that the coffe was "DA BOMB!". Her response? "What's that?". Help me out, Annie.

September 18, 2008 at 7:34 AM

Blogger HelloKitty said...

we should be real-life friends.
you know how you said you were in salt lake for like two hours or something, killing time? well you were like, right by my house (i live right by the conference center) and i thought to myself, "why didn't annie just come over?!" hahahaha creepy!

September 20, 2008 at 9:13 AM


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