Sunday, September 14, 2008

When in Rome...or Salt Lake

Last night I was meeting some friends in Salt Lake to go to dinner downtown. It was starting at 6:30...we figured we'd leave Utah Valley around 5:30 and be there in time to park and be there in plenty of time. Around 1:00, I remembered that the BYU game would be ending around 4:30 or 5...meaning horrible game traffic headed north at 5:30. UGH. I mean, I love sitting in bumper-to-bumper, but I figured with a little planning ahead, I could avoid the atrocity of the freeway.

So what were we to do for two extra hours hanging out in Salt Lake? I'll tell you. We...

* Walked clear from one end of the Gateway to the other
* Shopped for earrings (and found some hot ones!)
* Watched a kid play catch with his dad and some other ones get drenched by the fountain
* Tested lotions at Victoria's Secret and tried one of their new fragrances (just me, don't worry)
* Discovered a new fashion idea for Ben to try out (it'll be hot)
* Looked at some cute clothes for me (still strange for me to shop for clothes with a guy in tow...)
* Used the bathroom at the planetarium
* Learned about the oort cloud (blew my mind)
* Wondered why there were so many similar clothes stores at the Gateway

...and that was just in the first hour. Then we headed to Temple Square where we...

* Sat down for a few minutes in the Tabernacle and realized how little it is compared to the Conference Center
* Went to the Visitors Center and saw the Christus statue...they played the narration in English and German (which Ben really appreciated, him knowing German and all)
* Stumbled upon construction for a big BMX event...lots of dirt!
* Saw a 'historic mansion' that I had no clue existed.
* Mocked the teeth of the man on the Utah Symphony banners hanging everywhere

Who says two hours are difficult to kill in Salt Lake City? Give us a couple more and I'm sure we could have just as much fun.


Blogger kate. said...

Your Ben knows German too? Wow...that is craziness.

-By the way, I hope he doesn't think we(Ben and I) are completely insane with our dramatic stories!

September 15, 2008 at 7:56 AM

Blogger Annie said...

Yep, Ben went to Germany on his mission, too! (Different mission, though...)

And don't worry...he was properly warned about the insanity of the situation beforehand, so I'm pretty sure he figures you guys are normal people in an un-normal (dis-normal?) situation. :)

September 15, 2008 at 2:11 PM


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