Wednesday, July 30, 2008

An Annie you may or may not know...

I saw this on Erika's blog and thought it looked interesting...maybe time for a little self-introspection, eh?

I am... a confident, independent woman who didn't think she'd come this far so well!
I know... grammar. Bring it.
I want... to travel all over the world.
I once... lied to my mother about stealing chocolate chips and eating them.
I wish... there were more hours in the day. Scratch that--more hours in the night. If more hours are being dished out, I would want to use them to sleep.
I hate... reading or hearing bad news.
I miss... summer when it's gone.
I hear... the advice of friends and family, and I try to implement it.
I crave... attention. I tell stories over and over (just ask my oldest friends!) to be in the spotlight.
I search... for evidence of cause and effect in everything.
I wonder... if Weezer will be making a stop in Salt Lake City on their tour.
I regret... being desperate enough to let people treat me poorly when I know now that I didn't deserve it.
I care... about the environment. But probably not as much as I really should.
I always... have funny reactions to people...and it shows on my face. It's quite enlightening to look in the mirror when I talk!
I am not... good at staying clean when I eat.
I believe... that I know where I can turn for answers.
I dance... in the car, tapping my steering wheel, not caring what other drivers think!
I sing... the praises of my amazing family. (Sure, sometimes it's stressful, but I love 'em!)
I don't always... do the responsible thing. Contrary to popular belief!
I win... all the time. Ben says I'm always right. (Too bad he's wrong...)
I listen... when someone's had a bad day.
I can usually be found... organizing something or making a list.
I am happy about... having a clean house.
I tag.... Lacy, Brittany, and Scott


Blogger Adrianne Miller said...

You do spill a lot!

July 31, 2008 at 9:18 AM


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